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Hi Rocio,
Wow! I love your descriptions of flowers. I can almost smell them myself - your writing certainly made me make some pretty pictures in my head. Mexico sounds beautiful, too. Were you born there? I hope I get to visit it one day. If you could visit another place, where would you pick and why?
Mrs. Davis

Bronwyn G

I also love your description of roses. So vivid and so real! I especially enjoyed what you saw around your church. Your opening sentences really captured me.

Do you know how to make paragraph breaks so that we can read the text with more flow? Then you can also show you have a beginning, middle and end.

Mrs. Meeler

Wow Rocio! I am so impressed with your descriptive words and details. I felt like I was in Mexico picking out the beautiful roses and placing them inside the church.

I hope I get a chance to visit Mexico one day too. I bet it is a beautiful place with all those flowers.

Tell me more about Mexico. Is it hot there? What are the schools like? Do you have lots of relatives that still live in Mexico? Are the stores (Wal-Mart, malls, etc) similar to the stores in the United States?

Ms Sanchez

roses are red violets are blue your story was verry cool it reminded me of when I was young and playing in my grandfathers garden. thanks you for reminding me to smell the roses

Nancy McKeand

Hi, Rocio! What part of Mexico are you from? I lived in Mexico a few years ago and I lived there a long tome ago, too. Someday I hope I can live there again.


Mrs.Sanches I'm sure you loved your grandfathers garden I imagine that it was really prettyand thak you for commenting to my blog.How was your grandfathers garden like?


Nancy Mckeand I'm from EL Fuerte La Piedad Michoacan and thank you for commenting to my blog.


Anne Davis I was born In mexico and if I ever visit another place it would be California because I want to go to Disney world.


Bronwyn G,
I'm not sure but later i'll try to dothat to so I can get better in my spelling and thank you for commenting to my blog.


Hi Rocio,

You did a terrific job on your first post! I could almost smell the roses you described. I know it can be hard to grow roses because they need special care. Are you going to try to grow roses where you live now?

I love flowers, too. My mother had beautiful gardens when I was growing up, though we only had a few small roses. My favorite flowers are gladiolus, day lillies, and poppies. Do you like them, too?


It was really hot in Mexico each time you went outside you can get sunburn,the schools are like old and if it's time for lunch you have to go to a small place you can find and your parents had to take your food to school,I don't have that much realitives on mexico no more because almost all of them are coming here,the stores are not that different but there names are the ones that are really different and if you go to stores you have to be there before the bus that takes you home leaves and outside you would find alot of people selling things such as fruit and exetera and thank you for posting to my blog.

Bronwyn G

I found your observations on the schools really amazing, and also the relatives who come to America. I also really enjoyed reading about the shops and the street stalls. Mexico sounds like a really nice place to visit and live.


Rocio,I really liked your first post! I thinkyou are going to be the best writer in your weblogging class. I'm really looking forward to commenting to your post. Oh and I love how you tell about what you love the most and how you told us about how you gotthe name for your web log. what are youlooking forwars to doing while you are a weblogger? From what kind of people do you want to get comments from?

ms. sanchez

His garden had pansiesy dandilions roses of all kinds and tulips ivey and aloe vera plants he had palm trees and cactus and even elephant ear plant he had so much going on in that garden that when i smell wet grass i remember him when he would cut it early on a saturday morning.

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