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November 18, 2008


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Courtney Blackstock U of R Students from Ecomp 355 class


I only have one question...what is the red cup for?

Amber Merritt

I have two questions. What is the red cup for and why don't you wnat it? Also, what are specials and why should students have more free time then? I guess that is more like four questions but I am curious.

Megan Peterson

Hey Brook,

I agree with the no school in the mornings idea. I am a night person and I would much prefer that school begain later and ended later. I would have been much more efficient in elementary school if that was the policy.

Your Canadian friend,
Megan Peterson


Hey Brooke,
I like the idea of going to school later so we can sleep in more, but i do have one question. What's the red cup for and why don't you want it?
comment back soon.


Hi Ali
Thinks for the post


YEAH! Go Principal Brookes. I would love,love,love to get more sleep and freetime.


I agree with you I those are some great ideas for school. If you were pricipal I would would love to go to your school. What is the red cup.


I love that idea!!!!
I hate having to get up so early in the mornings because then I'm always to tired to do anything fun!!!

I would totally go to your school!!!

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