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October 16, 2008


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Ms. Meyers

I love kittens! What color is he? Do you have any more pets? I have one cat, but he is very old and not so fun. Also, I'm glad you were able to get a lot of sleep. Fall break is a good time to kick back and relax!

Amber Merritt

Hi Brooke. One of my best friends has the same name as you. What kind of cat did you get? How old is he? What did you name him? My cat clawed me lots when I first got her, but as she got older she stopped. Do you ahve any other pets? I love just relaxing over vacations. It's the best time to sleep.


I'm sure the kitten didn't mean to claw you. What color is he/she? You must have been pretty tired if you slept most of the time. Do you play sports.

Kristine Kostyniuk

Hi Brooke! I know kittens can get a little feisty at times but it is there nature. They get all excited and want to play and then tucker them selves out. I am sure the kitten did not mean to claw you, but there are ways to prevent clawing from happening. I believe kittens are the cutest animals. What kind of kitten did you get?


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Mr. Strozewski

Hi Brooke, I am a teacher and I was looking at how to set up blogs for my 4th grade classroom. I have two cats and I love them. I did not like cats until I bought my wife one for her birthday! Now I only want cats and not a dog.

Mr. Strozewski


Hi Mr.Strozewski
Thankyou for the comment.I hope that you comment back to me.I know.I will if you do.


Hi Hannah
Thank you for comment to me.I hope you will comment back to me.I no.I wil if you do.


Hi Kristine Kostyniuk
Thank yuo for comment to me.I hope you comment back to me.I will if you will.


Hi Lindsay
I hope you comment back to me.


Hi Ms.Meyers
My kittne is brown and wite.I have 2 cat's and 3 dogs.I agree of kick back and realx.


Hi Lindsay
He is brown and wite.I am not sleppy eny more.


Hi Amber
my cat is a rage dool he is real.He is weeks old.His name Chairle.

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