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September 30, 2008


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really like you blog. I think it is cool that you like blogging like I do. Have fun blogging ok.


Hi Kentashia!

I wish I had speedy paws-- how did you learn to type so fast?

I too am sad for all those people who have lost so much in the hurricanes in New Orleans.

Can you tell me what makes you "unique"?



Happy Belated Birthday to you! Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Sorry I'm so late to wish you a happy birthday for September 10!!!!

Great big kisses for you,

Ms. Meyers

It's nice to read more about you! I feel bad for hurricanes hitting Louisiana and other coastal states, too! It is very tragic that things like that happen. I know it affected you a lot because of having so much of your family there. Well, I look forward to reading your next blog! I'm glad you are enjoying it and learning new things.

Megan Peterson

Hey hey. I think that it is great that you love to learn and that you are open and understand that learning is never ending. I am 23 years old and if I would have thought that my learning was going to end when I was 13 or 14 - Boy would I have ever been wrong. I love your name it is so different and refreshing. Anyways keep up the great work and keep learning about who you are through this blogging process :)


that's a cool nickname, speedy fingers. I am glad that you know that you are unique, because it is very true. I hope that you are able to do many things with your blog. How is school going?


Hi Ms.MeyERS
Thanks for the comment I will make a nother post just for you


Hi lindsay

School is going good so far i am doing good in all my tests.write back


It is ok harley you are just a dog


It is ok harley you are just a dog


hi destiny

I am so I wil have fun blogging thank


hi harley

What make me unique is my personaily and my smart mind.


Kentashiah, I really liked yor post. You are a very good writer (tyeper). I have heard that theres been some hurricanes in New Orleans. Keep up the good work.

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