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January 20, 2009


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Hi Shaah,

This is a great post! Passionate does have a good feeling to it!!!

I really like it when you used the word energetic!! You know my passion since you left such a good comment on my blog. Thank you!

Do you have anything else you are passionate about?? Me- it's my homemade dog biscuits!



Shaah I think that your post is very good because you have very good feelings about the word passionate. I think that you should check out my post about passionate things. I think that you will like mine too. See you around Shaah.


hey shaww what i love to do is hang out with my friends. what are you passionate aBOUIT.


Hi Shaah. I'm passionate about singing and dancing, but not football or basketball.


Hi my name is jenai I did blogging last year with Ms.Emmmert. While scanning threw the great post you did, the best I like was Passionate. so the qustion you ask what I love to do? well something I love to is play football with my little brother Anthony, for me as you said I like to be energetic and I also feel alive because life is short.

P.S tell Mr.Harris and MS.EMMERT jenai(me) said hi

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