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October 17, 2008


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Ms. Meyers

I have been to Panama City Beach many times because it is my family's favorite vacation spot. One of my uncles actually lives down there, so we usually stay with him whenever we go. This summer, I went there with a friend, though, and we stayed in one of those huge condos. Like you were saying, I almost thought it wasn't really ours! It was beautiful, and it was right on the beach. Wow, I can't believe you got stung by a huge jellyfish! That's insane. I would have been really scared if I would have seen it. Also, I wanted to tell you that when I went down there this summer, we got a flat tire, and instead of taking 5 hours, it took 7! 7 hours in the car! Ah! Well, I'm glad you had some fun down there and got to leave home for fall break.


Wow that weekend sounds pretty extreme! You must have had a lot of fun, besides getting stung. Were you scared? Has it happened before? Did you enjoy going to the beach. Did you pick up any shells while you were there? You must have seen so many things at the beach! The dolphins must have been beautiful.

Daniel W.

Wow! Being stung by a jellyfish would hurt a lot! How big were the dolphins? Did they jump really high?


This made me think about going to the beaach. Hunter it looks like you had a wounderful Break. I think that you should read my "Fall Break". You also said that you got stung by a jellyfish. Did it hurt really bad? I have also seen alot of dolphins they are so cool!


Your fall break must have been fun. My uncle has a huge house too. Getting stung by a jellyfish must have hurt a lot. I've never seen one before. Did you get any pictures of the jellyfish? If so can you show them to me?

Kristine Kostyniuk

Dear Hunter:
That sounds like an amazing fall break. I am completely jealous. I have never seen such things. I did pet a sting ray at a zoo once. What was your overall favorite part about your fall break?

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