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November 18, 2008


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Courtney Blackstock U of R Students from Ecomp 355 class


I think it's very important for the student's to learn something while they are at school to. Would you not want them to learn too?

Megan Peterson

Hey Ashton,

The fourth and fifth graders do not get lockers!!! That seems a bit ridiculous to me, if I was principal I would change that as well.

Your Canadian friend,
Megan Peterson

Amber Merritt-from way up here on the beautiful prairies

I think it is a really good idea for all the classes to have PE every day. But will there be enough space/time for everyone? If you have fire drills all day long how will anybody get anything done? Also, wouldn't you get tired of having to keep going outside? I know I would.(course it tends to be really cold up here during fire drills) It's also a good idea for the 4th and 5th graders to have lockers. Isn't school already fun your class that you blog in sure sounds fun to me.


I think I would like to be at that school. Especialy because of the lockers and always have PE. well, got to go.

Annabelle and Sunny

Thanks for showing the "true" meaning of being a princible! Haha! :D
But, if I were principal I would buy Chick-fa-la for breakfast, lunch, and dinner(dont forget snack)!!!
We would study about pop stars like Usher and we would take awesome field trip to LA and Whitewater and DC. The freetime we could go to the mall, movies, or even restraunts!!! p.s. they are built into the school!!! This would be awesome and we might change kid's point of view for school!!!


That is an awesome idea!

I think that teachers should have allowed us to do that by now!!!!!!!!!!

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