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October 27, 2008


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Kristine Kostyniuk

This is a very good point Ashton. Commenting on others blogs is very important. It is a way to show appreciation of what someone else has done as well as being able to help them. I believe you will become an amazing blogger with ideas like this!..Keep it up!


I discovered that you did not re-read your post because you have capital letters when they are not suppose to be like that and you also have at least 1 misspelled word. Tell me, did you revise your post?


I am a 5th grader in china. I
have put u on my netvibes page
I really like ur blog! will u come on mine?

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I'm Lisa in Shanghai American School. I think your blog looks great! And I think commenting is important to me. I wish you could come to my blog and see cool things.

This is my blogaddress:


I am so glad that you enjoy blogging! Have you met a lot of people over the internet? I know I can make mistakes in spelling when I post too. Here are a few things that were misspelled in your post:misspell and sure. Have a great day!

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