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September 16, 2008


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I think blogging is great too.It's a great advantage.


Hi Ashton! I came across your blog this morning. I love your enthusiasm!
I live in Canada. More specifically in the province of Ontario, right on the top of Lake Superior.
I think you are a wonderful writer - you should keep at that. Whether its in your blog or writing stories or in a personal journal, its a great way to ... well, like you said "express yourself". Its a neat way to discover things about yourself too.
Keep up the great work!
Your blog pal,

Ms. Frascatore

Hello Ashton! I hope that you are off to a good start for this school year. I am still in NY with my family-they have been taking really good care of me while I am sick. But I do miss you all at JHH and I hope that I get to come and visit soon. Keep working hard...

Mrs. Grant

I can see you are excited about your blog~ This is a great way to meet people and find out many interesting things about them. I hope you have a lot of fun doing this.
You are a great kid!

Mr. Fowler

I like the poem. Another talent I have learned you have.

Mrs. Adams

Hello Ashton. I glad to hear that you like blogging. It is a rather enjoyable thing to do isn't it. I really like your poem. When I hear of a poetry contest I'll inform you. Your poetry has potential.

destiny  mom

HI this is destinys mom. Your poem was moving i liked it a lot. keep up the great work.

Ms. Meyers

I did not have a chance to read this blog of yours until now, and now that I have read it, I'm really glad to hear you are so excited about blogging! It is cool to think that people you do not even know are reading about what a neat person you are. Keep up the great work!


Hi, I am Akshar and I live in Shanghai. My blog is http:/
I am nine years old. See you around!


hey thats realy cool you have a blog

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