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January 13, 2009


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Hi Filemon,

Your illustrations are very clear and they helped me understand area and perimeter. Now if I can just determine the perimeter of my invisible fence--

I'm not very good at math. Can you suggest what I should start to learn about math first?



Hey Harley,
Thank you for commenting my blog. I would suggest you learn area and perimeter first before you star finding them. To find the area of a shape you have to find the lenth and the width. Measure the shape and write what is the number after that multiply them and what you get is the area. For perimeter you just write the number 4 times and up them up and that`s the perimeter.


Very good Filemon,

Your doing well in math class. You did great on your area and perimeter picture. I hope you get good grades in our math class.

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In math my class is learning square roots and factors tommorow I have a big test so thanks for the advice.

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