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September 23, 2008


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Mrs. Grant

I would love to go to Mexico and see where you were born. I don't have any brothers or sisters. My husband does not have any brothers or sisters either. It is just US.
I certainly hope that blogging will be a lot of fun for you. Make new friends and
find out lots of cool things about them.

Mr. Fowler


Your writing is getting much better. Keep up the good work and keep trying.

Mr. Fowler

Ms. Roper

I glad that working on your blog has helped you see how much fun writing can be. Blogs are great for sharing your ideas and thoughts with lots of people. I can't wait to read more of your posts.
Keep up the good work!


why didn't you like much about writing.i don't understand are the only girl.that is so cool. i have like 3 sisters.0 brothers. omg how is it possible

Ms. Meyers

That's awesome that you were born in Mexico! Guess what? Your birthday is just ten days after mine! Well, I was also born in 1987. :-P But that's okay! We still have wonderful August birthdays! I look forward to reading your next blog.

Amber-University of Regina Student

Hi Thalia. I have one brother but he is much older than me. I think it is really cool that you were born in Mexico. I have never been outside of Saskatchewan, Canada. I too am learning that blogging can be lots of fun. Just think I am talking to you right now in a place that I will likely never get the chance to see! I understand not liking writing much it can be really difficult sometimes but the more you practice the better you will get. I'm still working at it and I'm in university. Once you get the hang of it then it becomes a lot of fun.


Hello Thalia! I am glad that you are able to blog, since you do not like writing much. I only have one sibling, my older brother. I have only been to texas, but I have seen pictures of Mexico and it looks beautiful. How are you finding school?


i like your blog it is good interesting.i love your blog so much i know i alredy said that.that is all i could think of


you really discribed yourself to your audience.


Hi! How are you? I'm finding school like a bad thing. We have to wake up at 6:00 a.m! But,now what I do like about school is that I get to meet friends. Right now my bestest friend is Esmeralda [cousin]. My second best friend is Landy.I think you commented her. So,about that question I don't know if I like it or not. I can say that its okay. Bye! I hope you comment me again.


Thalia, you shouldn't start by saying, "Do you want to hear about me?" Whoever is reading know that they are going to hear about you. That's what they're doing.


Is it hard being the only girl? I have a little brother. I was born in Long Island, New york but know I live in Alpharetta, Geogia. Long Island is a real island and to get to the city you have to take the subway under water.

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