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October 21, 2008


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It sounds like you had a fun fall break. I can't beleive you ate 100 hot wings!


Didn't you do any thing else during your break? You should give more details on your "Fall Fantasy," because you only have.... 5 sentences. Try to be more creative. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying you need to think and add more details to you posts.


That sounds like a lot of fun! Have you ever same with tropical fish? Have you ever been snorkeling? Do you like swimming? Wow, those are a lot of hot wings. Do you like all of your food hot or spicy? Which movies or programs would you watch on TV?


I know it's a fantasy and all,but that all you would've done on your fallbreak.You need to be more spacific.Give some good details.Mr.Harris would be proud.Just some friendly advice.


Hi Elijah,

Your comment to me boosted my spirits!!! Thank you!!

Hmm, pizza and hot wings! Does that mean those are your favorites? Can you describe the pizza for me; I've never had any.


Amber Merritt

What kind of pizza did you have. I think I would have had a cheese pizza. yummy. Would you have done anything else in Trinidad that go swimming. What kind of fish were there. A picture would have been really cool. That'a a lot of hot wings, I can only eat about 20 but they sure are yummy. I think that would have made a fantastic fall break.


You like CiCis,I like CiCis. Who would not like it. I know, PIZZAHATERS!!!!:(

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