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September 16, 2008


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Ms. Frascatore

Hello Elijah! From the sounds of things you are really enjoying the fifth grade-and I hope that you are working very hard. I enjoyed reading your blog-I too am not very fond of insects and bugs-especially the spiders-YUCK! So what is your favorite kind of pizza? I'm pretty boring when it comes to pizza-just cheese. I don't get to eat it much because I have to eat lots of healthy stuff-lots of protein and veggies. Keep blogging---its a great way to practice your writing skills and to express your thoughts!


Hi Elijah,

I really like your word choice when you used "ecstatic"; I could feel exactly how you felt!

What are your favorite topics when you study science? I'm guessing you are not planning on becoming an entomologist??


Mrs. Grant

I also like pizza but I like spinach too. I do like to watch the Georgia Bulldogs play football. I do not play football. I do not like bugs or insects. I think they are YUCKY. Have a great time blogging.


Thank you!

Ms. Meyers

Personally, I like any type of meat on a pizza and I also love pineapple! It is so delicious. When you get pineapple on your pizza it is sometimes called Hawaiian. You should try it some time!


Elijah. I know you know I like to eat pizza, too.
What else are you going to post?


When I go to PapaJohns a get the pineapple/Jalepeno pizza


As you know Elijah I love playing football. I'm still waiting for that football game you promised me.


I know This 3 week treat


You sound pretty cool.

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