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January 06, 2009


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Hi Graciela,

You are going to be very busy this year working on all your goals.

I decided to choose just one and focus on it: I am going to be more careful about staying out of my Dad's way when he is walking. That's important because he has trouble walking and he doesn't need me making it harder.

Do you think I should work on more or is focusing on one important goal ok?


Harley's Dad

Hi Graciela,

This is Harley's dad--

Thanks for the comments you are leaving for Harley!! He's a happy German Shepherd when he hears from you.

You are such a good blogger! Can you help Harley out with some descriptive words for his latest post?

Harley's Mom

Hi Graciela,

Thanks for commenting on Harley's blog.

He's having trouble thinking of words about snow. Even though you don't get snow, could you help him?

Descriptive means describing, talking about. If I wrote-- a loyal, friendly dog -- then loyal and friendly are descriptive words talking about "dog". Adjectives -- have you learned about them?

Harley's Mom

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