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December 10, 2008


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Hi Chris

This is Catie from Catie's blog. Just from that post I already like your blog! I do much different things for Christmas though I usually travel to california and stay there for to weeks at my uncle's mantion! But this year we are staying home. I don't do fireworks though its to loud for me! I will try to comment again soon great post!


I think that doing your birthay on new years day is very cool because you get to have more fun. Me and my family like to read in the bible about the birth of Jesus before we have our party. My family and I like to have fun on Christmas and on new years day. I hope that you have fun on Christmas and on new years day. "Have Fun".




Hi Christopher,

This is a great post about your plans for Christmas and your birthday!! I really like it!

Happy Birthday to you!!! How old will you be? I'm almost 11; do you know how much that is in human years? Which one of us is the oldest?


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