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January 20, 2009


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Hey Ivan,
I like your post about your passion and I thought it was great. My passion is videogames too. Even the one with fighting in them. What video game is your favorite?


That is so right I know when I wish I could drive. I love video games because I played Super Smash Bro.s Melee on my grandma& grandpa's big screen. What do you like to draw most of all?

If you look at my blog I am also passionate about art. I like doing 3-D pictures but I mostly like doing cartoons. What do you like drawing?


Hey Ivan,

Video games are fun, but some of them aren't for children your age. Drawing is fun to, especially the drawings you and me draw in class. I love to draw in 3-D, too.
I'll tell you what I'm passionate about if you go to my blog.


Thanks for commenting me Christopher. I like to draw about dragons burning down cities. What do you like to draw?


Thanks Ty, I like drawing dragons burning cities. I also like drawing cartoons. What kind of cartoons do you like to draw?

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