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September 16, 2008


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Ms. Frascatore

Wow! You have lots of animals...I too have a dog. She is a black lab and likes to run and play catch. Do you take your dog to the park? I have to take mine to the park to play because my parents do not have a big yard for her to run in. She likes to play fetch with her toys too...

I also have a little brother-well he's younger than me but he is taller than me too. When we were younger we didn't get along very well. But now that we are all grown up-we don't argue anymore. I think its common for people to be annoyed by their sibblings---

Keep blogging and enjoy the fifth grade-


Hi Ivan,

I really like how you described all of the animals at your house. Do they all have names, even the fish?


Mrs. Grant

You really do like pets. I only have one cat. Her name is Maxie. I do have two daughters. Their names are Danielle and Denise. I certainly hope that you will enjoy blogging. You will meet a lot of people and find out very interesting things about them. Good luck.

Ms. Roper

Wow Ivan you have tons of pets! How do you keep track of them? I have only one dog and it is difficult keeping up with her. She has lots of energy. Does your dog know any tricks?

Ms. Meyers

I can't believe you have so many pets, Ivan! That's really cool. I only have one pet; it's a black and white cat named Kelly. Like you, I have a younger brother who can also be quite annoying. That's neat that you have a baby sister, though! I'm sure you are a great older brother!


Ms.Meyers I am a great older brother because I take care of her when I'm outside and my parents are inside. my sister has a swing outside.


Ms.Roper I'm trying to teach my dog tricks. My dog and my fish only eat twice a day. Do you take your dog to the park?

Ms. Meyers

I bet it is a lot of fun to play outside with your little sister. Has she started walking yet?

Daniel W.

I like dogs. They are my favorite animal. My dad's friend just bought a puppy about a week ago. he is really playful and really cute.


Ms.Meyers my baby sister learned to walk about a year ago. She always bothers me when I'm playing inside. She always takes my food a toys. Yesterday she got on a chair an tried to knock my fish tank on the ground,but I took her away from it.


That is very cool that you have 23 gold fish and a cat and three kittens and a dog. you sound like my friend who has around 40 birds. Keep blogging and dont forget to have fun while you blogging!



Dear Sammy,
I didn't know your friend had 40 birds. What kind of birds does he/she have? I think it's very cool.
From Ivan,

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