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January 20, 2009


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Hi Rina,

I love your writing!!! I really liked when you used disintegrate, ecstatic and soaring!! I could tell how much you love acting and singing!!!

You've read about one of my passions and left me a nice comment. My other passion is my homemade dog biscuits!!!

Would you like one?? I'll share--



Dear Rina, I really enjoyed seeing your blog that you sent to me.I really think that they are very interesting to read. That really cute and I also really liked the little picture also.So this is like a little enterview for me because i want to ask you a little question.O.k my question is Why do you really like blogs? and What do you learn while typing your blogs?,well that is all of my questions see you around.


Thanks Harley! You are very nice. I love your writing, too. I also love seeing you in all the pictures. Especially the one with you rolling in the grass. I'll have to get back to you on those dog biscuits. :)
I like blogs because I like seeing all the great comments on my blog and see how I can improve. I've learned that people have different perspectives on different things. Thanks for the questions.

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