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November 25, 2008


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Amber Merritt

Hey Rina, that exhibit does sound really interesting. Why did you go there? I have a friend who loves egyptian history. I bet she would find the exhibit really neat just like you did. What was unusual about his King Tut's name in Egyptian? I've never seen it. I'm glad you found the exhibit interesting.


Hey Rina! His full name is different, but I like it. How do you spell it? Tutankhumen? See ya later!


hello Rina, this is Greg from Georgia State University. I'm glad you liked the King Tut exhibit. I will try to make that one during this Christmas break. If you can beg your parents enough, try and see if you can see the First Emperor of China Exhibit at the High Arts Museum. It is very interesting

Rina's Blog

Hi Amber! It was interesting. I think we just went there to learn about him and for extra knowledge. His name was written in Egyptian and a video showed us the his name in Egyptian had a lot of other words in it that I had no clue what they meant. It was still awesome though.

Rina's Blog

Hey Shannon! I believe that is how you spell it. His name is spelled funny. I hope you had fun! See ya!

Rina's Blog

Hey Greg! Sounds great! I've been to the High Arts Museum but I don't remember seeing that! I'll try to beg the best I can. Plus if I do go, I get to see the art I saw before and it was very interesting!

P.S. I'll use the old, "It'll be a great learning expierience" trick......


That sounds really cool!!! I want to learn sooo much about him.

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