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September 30, 2008


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Hi Rina,

I loved hearing your voice and what you had to say, especially the part about looking inside of you!!!

When I reflect, I think back on things I did-- and if I think they were good, I try to make sure I do the same thing again! Like getting extra dog biscuits, that's good and how did I get them? I sat. So you know what, I sit alot!!



Hi Rina,

I'm Harley's mom, Lani. You are a terrific blogger and you've only just begun!!!

You've got your reader's attention with a good question. You've shared your opinion and then you invited a conversation with the question at the end. Bravo!

I think you're right-- reflecting is looking inside you, looking at what you've learned and what you've done! I think reflecting is always a good thing because for me it always helps me learn even more and grow as a person.

I'm wondering, if you were to reflect upon the blog posts you've written, would you chose one as better than another and why?



Hello Rina, this is Greg Taylor from Georgia State University and I really enjoyed your thoughts and video. It gave me a lot to think about. I think reflection means you look outside yourself and see who you really are.

Ms. Meyers

Wow! Great comparison of reflections to the movie Mulan! I know what song you are talking about, and it is a very pretty one. If you think about reflection in the context of the movie, you can think about all the things that were going through Mulan's head when she joined the army and posed as a male. It must have been really intense to do all that she did, and actually, in many different wars all around the world, women do the same thing. In history, women were not always allowed to fight. Sometimes they posed as men just to fight. Do you think you would ever do that? These days, it's okay for women to fight, though.

Amber-University of Regina Student

Hi Rina. Your comparisson to the song on Mulan was really good. That song is a personal favorite of mine. By watching it ove rand over again until you understood it you probably had to do reflection, thinking about it over and over again. By beginning your post with a question you made me really interested in reading it. To answer your question, I think reflecting means thinking back about things you or others have done or said and considering whether it was right or wrong.
P.S. Thanks for leaving a comment on my about me page!

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