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September 23, 2008


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Ms. Roper

I loved your poem about you. I totally agree that you are caring & strong! Maybe even crazy & smart.
Keep up the amazing blogging!

Ms. Frascatore


I love your peom...its beautiful. I hope that you continue to write-its a wonderful way to get your emotions out.

I hope that you are enjoying your blogging experience and meeting lots of new and interesting people. I have to say that blogging back and forth with you all has been my first experience with blogging-yet I have enjoyed being able to read how you all are doing.

Keep up the great work!


Hey Rina I relly like your pome that was sweet.U r a cool girl. U r a smart girl& u rock. Keep up the great work.


Ms. Meyers

Nice poetry! I really like reading your blogs. I can tell you enjoy blogging because you always use a lot of detail and tell many stories. Keep up the great blogs!


Ms. Meyers,
Thank you! I do love to blog and write stories. I write a lot of mystery stories but sometimes it doesn't show in my wirting about myself. Do you like writing stories? Thanks for commenting me.

Hey Rina,

Rina, I love your poem...You are one smart girl who will go far...Keep up the good work...
Love You
Aunt Suzie


After trying several times to get on this blog, I finally got through and everything you wrote was good as well as interesting. i didn't know that you wrote the poem, and you know what, I used to like to write poetry,but it never was as goo as this. You do have a great love for animals and from what I have seen, where ever you maybe and around an animal, they learn to love you. May all your dreams come true in the future.
Love you,

Elizabeth Lanuza

That is a beautiful poem!! I completely missed it when I read your blog the first time. You are a very talented and mindful person for your age. Keep it up and your success and achievements will be endless. I love you, Rin!

Ms. Meyers

I would love to read some of your mystery stories. Mystery stories are so engaging because you can put twists and turns into the plot which keeps the reader always guessing. I definitely enjoy writing; thanks for asking! My favorite type of writing is descriptive writing. It is fun to use interesting verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and nouns.


I missed reading the poem at first, not realizing that you had written it, then went back and re-read it. Keep up the good work, maybe in the future, writing poems may be a gift to you as well as taking care of the animal you love.


That poem was so nice Rina. I liked how you interchanged the colors in your poem. Do you like writing poems?

Shannon M

That was nice. :P


Thanks Shannon!

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