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September 30, 2008


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Ms. Meyers

This is a nice poem! I like how it is pink. I want you to know that I have faith in you that everything will be fine on the CRCT and in middle school! You are such a smart girl, and I don't want you worrying about those things! I know the CRCT is kind of scary, but if you just relax and take each question one at a time, you will succeed. Also, it will be kind of hard getting used to middle school. It's scary to think of going to a totally new school where you are the youngest kids, but I'm sure you will get used to it very soon. Keep up the great blogs!


Is pink the only color you like my favorite color is red white green andblue those are the only colors i like. i liked your poem very very very very much.(keep up the good work). ( also you are my favotites freind). byee


That is a very nice poem Landy, it was very insightful. Do you like to write poems or stories?


Hi I'm carful tI love animals and a lot more. I really like your site. I always try to get A's on test and on my report card.:)


Hi Landy,

I cry when I read sad books too, especially ones about dogs who don't have families!

I just wanted to tell you that I just know that someone as nice and friendly as you is sure to pass the CRCT!!

I need some help on my test taking; can you tell me what you do to try for all A's?



I really don't do anything, but what I sometimes do is just re-read the questions.

Just try it and tell me your results.


Hi Michael,
I wonder why you like soccer so much. If I am not wrong, you love soccer, don't you? If you can, I'd like for you to answer my questions. Is soccer your favorite sport? If not, what's your favorite sport?



Hello Lindsay,
Your writing made me form an opinion about poems and stories. I know I do like poems and also stories, but I only like to write poems. They make me feel free about my expressions. For example, this poem was one that came from the inside of me. I hope you comment back!



Awesome, I realy like your post. I try to get A`s but sometimes I get B`s.

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*People enjoy the characters are not happy.

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