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October 16, 2008


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Megan Peterson

Hey everyone. I just read this assignment and I think that it is fabulous :) For me T.V used to be my way of shutting my brain down and relaxing for an afternoon or evening. However when I started going to University and my life became a lot more busy I have found myself reading a lot more for fun and relaxation. Now I would much rather read my favorite series of books than sit around and watch T.V all night. I encourage you all to try at least for one day to read something that you love (not for school) during the time that you might have watched T.V. I wish you all luck and know that this will be a very interesting and entertaining assignment to be a part of.

Your Canadian friend Megan Peterson

Amber Merritt

Wow, what a neat assignment. I persoanlly don't know what I would do without tv. My roomates actually just informed me that I watch too much tv, so it looks like I really will have to start living without it. I amy not go completely without tv (for me I work on assignments best with noise around me) but I will be cutting it down to no more than 2 hours a week. I'll let you know how it goes.Wish me luck. And I can't wait to read everyone's opinions.
From up here in the beautiful prairies
Amber Merritt

Miss Lipsky

Dear 5th graders,

Wow, a week with out TV would be pretty hard for me but I think I could take it! Think of all the energy we would conserve with all of our tv's off for a whole week (especially if we unplugged them!) My 5th grade students in Jacksonville, FL are going to do their persuasive wirintg pieces on ways to "Go Green"! Maybe I'll do my example on why we should go a week with no TV! Great job.

Miss L


i think you shold do it so studints get more fukisd in ther hone werk

emma stone

hi miss.lipsky its emma stone do you remember me? 6th grade is fun but your my fave. teacher of all!!!!


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Hi my name is Ashna it would be pretty hard for me to go a whole weekend without tv. because I ussualy only wacth tv when my parents are taking a nap or when they are at the gym. Would it be hard for you?


i could not take a week without tv i have but it was so hard i pretty much watch tv every single day after HW or with dinner.


hmm t.v or no t.v?i dont really know but i love television to but i think it's better to spend time with our family.


i whould choose tv because if i dont have tv then what whould i do at home for my free time?

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