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Hi Raul,
I am so glad you will be blogging. You did a great job on your first post. You gave so many interesting details. I feel like I have gotten to know you and you are very interesting and I can just tell you would be fun to know! What kind of cards and magazines do you collect? Do you read to your baby brother? If so, what books does he enjoy? Welcome to the blogging world!
Mrs. Davis

Bronwyn G

You could read to your little brother the Seuss books you enjoy.

My favourite animals is the elephant.

Like Ms Davis I would like to know what cards you collect.

I am sure homework will help you in your learning. Blogging is a reflective form of homework. I hope you enjoy it! Lots of kids and adults do hate homework though and in Australia there is a movement to have much less of it.

My favourite colour is green and brown.

Mrs. Meeler

Hi Raul!

I am so impressed by your first post. Lots of details made it interesting and fun to read.

I am definately a sport person too. My favorite sport to watch is college football. I love playing softball and tennis. I also enjoy water skiing in the summer and snow skiing in the winter.

What are your favorite sports?

Mrs. Emmert

Hey Raul! Well, I learned so much about you from your post. Here are some things that I like. My favorite color is light green. My favorite sports are basketball and tennis. Keep up your great work, Raul!

Nancy McKeand

Hi, Raul! I see you collect cards and magazines. What kind of cards do you collect? Are they sports cards or cards for a game like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh?

I think my favorite animal to have as a pet is almost any kind of dog. But I really like penguins, too. I guess I wouldn't be able to have one for a pet, though, would I?


Hi Raul,

You did an outstanding job on your first post. You included a lot of interesting information about yourself. I bet you will "master" blogging in no time.

Everyone wants to know more about the things you collect. My brother collects comic books and I used to collect stamps. What is your absolute favorite card and magazine you have collected so far?

I like to watch hockey and gymnastics. I used to be on the gymnastics team when I was in high school. I wish I could still do all those things now!



I like to collect Animals cards and sport cards and Yu-Gi-Oh cards too.Thanks to comment on my weblog, and by the way do you have a animal pet?


Anne Davis,

The magazines that I like are about Wrestling and the cards that I like is animals cards and Yu-Gi-Oh cards and by the way sometimes I read to my little brother sometimes I read to my little brother and he likes the DR.Suses books.


You are a master but I am a the KING of KINGS and this KING will go back on his throne at WrestleMania 22.


This made me think of the first day of writing for me in weblogs. I learned so much about you. Keep up the good work.


My favorite animal is a rabbit and my favorite kind of music is reggeton and my favorite song is the one that Daddy Kanky sings. The one of ROMPE.



My favorite sport is soccer.


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