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Bronwyn G

I enjoyed the report on the swan very much. I liked reading about the ugly duckling, and all the facts you put in about the swan's reproduction. I liked reading about the male swan and the female swan and the roles they play.

Be careful with some of your verbs. They have to agree with the subject of the sentence and be either singular or plural as appropriate. Do you have one thing, or more than one thing?



Thank you for telling me so much about swans. You included many interesting details.

You can make your report easier to read by using paragraphs to organize the information. Also, Bronwyn is right - subjects and verbs must agree. For example, "An adult swan weigh up to..." should be "An adult swan weighs...."

Keep on blogging!

Bronwyn G

Organise every sentence by topic and you will be able to make good paragraphs.

Like one about the young swan, one about the adult swan, one about the swan's courtship and one about how the swan has children.

It will be more like a story or a book then. Paragraphs are usually united by ideas.

Ms. Roper

Great post Raul!
I spent a lot of time watching the swans swim around the lake while I was in college. Swans are beautiful creatures.
One thing I can tell you is that the male swans DO stay close to the nest to GUARD it and protect their family.
Thank you for sharing so much information. I did not know that baby swans are called cygnets! They are my favorite because they are so cute and look fuzzy. Cygnets are also funny when they go under water and bounce back to the surface when they are attempting to find food.

Bronwyn G

Mrs Roper

I think your writing about the swans was fantastic as it put very clear pictures in your mind. And it showed you have a personal engagement with the topic, which is so important for ESOL students in particular.

Love your writing about cygnets - your obvious affection for new life has shown through. And I had to laugh when I saw them bounce in your post!

What a shame Raul didn't have a picture of a cygnet. Do you have any nice swan pictures that we can get a hold of?

Mark Vane

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