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I thought MS.Park was not alive.


I thought MS.Park was not alive.


I think it's nice to think about how one prson can change the world like Rosa Parks. I'm glad it's the future and not the past.Thank you for noticing her and bringing that up.


I like how you said all that stuff
about Rosa Parks because she was a nice person.She also let a white person take her seat and she got arestead for it and she gave up her live by letting a white person in her seat.Rosa Parks was problaly a good friend.

Lupita Estrada

I thought Rosa Parks was a really good person for letting the other white person sit down. And even if she was arrested she still let her.I think that she might of not thought what could happen and that maybe she felt bad that nobody wanted the white lady to sit so she let her. Also I hadn't heard about her no more and when I saw the principal's quest and heard that she had already died when she was 92 years old. I think that she was really old that time but now I wonder why she died if she was sick, or just because she was already old.



I think Rosa Parks was a very brave woman.


Rosa Parks is a good woman


I think that every one should stand up for what they believe in, just as Rosa Parks did.


Rosa Parks was a great woman. She stood up for what she believed in. Rosa believed that everyone should be treated equally. I agree with her. There are people who are still not treated equally today.


Mrs.Park was an inspiration to us all. She was the mother of the cis movement.She helped african americans with their rights.


I think she was really brave.


Mrs.Rosa Parks was a insperation lady because she helped africans americanew for their rights


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Ms. Rosa Parks was a brave woman.I am glad that we are not in the past because we would not be able to be with friends.Rosa belleved that people should be treated correctly.She was a person that helped african americans.


Rose Parks was a very important lady to our lifes.Il was very sad when she died. Every one was sad when she died. She was all over the news paper and on T.V. She was every courages women. Even thought she went to jail she still kept on tring so black peopel wont go to the back.of the bus.Thanks to her black peopel don't have to sit in the back of the bus. I'm glad Rosa Parks was alife in those days to change everything.

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