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I remember when we went to CNN it was fun. Remember when we went on the escalaters they were so HUGE! Did you have a great time? Well I have to go bye.


I can remember going to CNN last year. It was fun!At the beginning of the trip I felt wierd then I got used to the trip.


I also remember CNN.The esclator is huge it took like 5 minutes!The T.V.was tricky but I figured it out.Bye.


I like your dog and I Remamber when we went to the Cnn It was tight.Iwas with ms.Babin she is a great teacher too.


I know how great it was because in third grade I went too. I really
miss when I went there cause it
was the BOMB! I also wish that I never went to fourth grade
because third grade does fun things.
But also I remember how fun it was when we went behind the scenes.


I learned alot when I went to CNN. I learned that the man who does the shout out I couldn't believe that he writes the shout out.I wish I could see him again. At least I got to take a picture of him with Mrs.Babin.


I went to cnn I thought is was the BOMB!I want to go agin because I had fan well I see you later!


My cousin came back from the CNN she said she had fun there she said she went on this big elavator


I have an uncle who works for cnn.It is cool.My uncle used to be on tv.


I really liked going on the "CNN" field trip in 3rd grade.I think that the students who went this year really enjoyed it.I was looking through the pictures and I could remember when I was in them.I remember the "SHOUTOUT" man.I remember seeing how they made the news.


In third grade we went to the cnn center. It was fun we did every thing you did.


When I went to CNN the parts that I liked the most was the really big escelator and the exibits.

Andrew@strang mail.edu

My cousin went to the CNN center. He said "It was ok."

Andrew@strang mail.edu

My cousin went to the CNN center. He said "It was ok."


When I went to the CNN center it was very fun. I liked the escalator the most.


I went there last year and I liked the escalator the most.


I remember that we went to CNN. It was fun and the most fun thing was the esclator.I wish that we went this year.We might go somewhere fun this year.I hope your class had fun.


Hey Mrs. MCcullers how was the trip at cnn? I hope it was great there!!! What did your class do, was it the same as last year when we went to cnn. How many people asked a question. I bet they asked a question like how long have you been doing this cause they asked that question last year. good bye!!

Lupita Estrada

I am really happy that you went to CNN student news because it is really fun and I wish you a really good time and especially now that you are having a baby!


I remember when I went to the CNN Center. It was fun. I loved it. I saw your picture I do not remember seeing the big world.


I wish I went a agin because it was fun and exciting and entertaining.I bet your class was excited and so happy.I never saw the big world it was cool.


I remember when I went to the CNN Center.I had fun except when we got on the escalator it was very and it was scary to.I will never forget that day we went to the CNN Center Ihad alot of fun.I hope our students had fun too.


I think it is cool you got to go to the CNN center


CNN is cool because it tells you about the world.


I loved the trip. I hope we go on another feild trip.

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