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I like spooky books also. they are very cool and creepy.Did you ever read Harry Potter books.They are very intresting to read try their good.


Are you happy that you get to be on the computer where every body can see you and write you notes?


Good job!!! Keep it up.It took me a while to be top dog.


I like spooky books too. My favorite color is blue.Pizza is my favorite food .


Great job DaMeishia

Great job Da'Meshia keepup the good work.I bet your whole family is proud of you especialy your sister.


Great job Da'Meshia I really like your Top Dog note. My hobbies are
playing games, and watching T.V.


I liked my CNN trip last year and most of it was cool but I got in trouble. the green screen was probably the coolest thing about the best CNN class trip ever at least I was able to go.


I love your topdog picture. You are cute.


You are my best friend in the whole world. I like the way your
hair is. Also the clothes you wear
are very cute.


Mrs.Mccullers we misst you a lot.I hope that you and baby Cam are doing good.When we all saw the picture of baby Cam we said he was so adorable and Ms.Tompson said that.Did you love our Valentines things that we sent you with Ms.Miller?We all miss you!!!

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