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Mrs. Meeler

Mrs. McCullers:

I have two nephews too - James Wesley and Brooks! Reading is one of my favorite subjects as well, and chicken stew is delicious!


I really like your ideas.

Mr. Lane

Hi Mrs. McCullers! This is Mr. Lane, another dachshund lover as you know. I miss hearing all the stories about CoCo from when I was a teacher at J.H. House. I just wanted to tell all the boys and girls who read this post that they couldn't have a better teacher than Mrs. McCullers (or a better class mascot that CoCo!)


Yes we do have alot in common.I got a dog but it is a french poodle.We both like the same colers.


Conagalation Mrs.McCullers.My faorite color is blue also.


Because of Winn Dixie is a
great movie and a great book.


Because of Winn-Dixie is a great book and a great movie, too! I've never actually SEEN the movie, but I've heard it was great!!!!!!!! I was going to see it last year with you, but I didn't get to see it!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite color is yellow. I have 2 dogs. Thier names are Chata and Kifan.

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