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Anne Davis

Hi Marisela,

I found your metaphor very interesting. I like "all the small hair clips" for the conventions. If all those little hair clips are in place it holds it all together, right? Very good!

As we near the end of the year, if you had to choose, which of your posts is your favorite and why?

I love reading all of your posts and think you have shown lots of improvement this year! I enjoy reading your blog and always look forward to new postings!

Mrs. Davis

Darren Kuropatwa

What great image to help you remember! I can just picture the mall the way you describe everything in it.

At first I was interested in the metaphor you wrote for the six traits of writing, but the best metaphor is the title of your blog -- that's just fantastic! I sometimes think of my blog as my outboard brain. Library of Knowledge is even better. ;-)


Ms. Sedro

Wow! Really like this idea of comparing 6 Traits to a shopping mall. I never would have come up with that analogy, but it fits well in many areas. Thanks for making me think and entertaining me.

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