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Bronwyn G

Interviewing your teachers would be great. I would interview the principal if I was you, so that we would all get the effect of her great speeches. Also Ms Meeler and one of the third grade teachers. Or one of the new teachers on the blog.

Glad you enjoyed podcasting. It is hard to get the voice just right. I recently started recording on Librivox. Unfortunately, my recordings could not be used because of the lack of quality - lack of sample size, I'm told. I want to keep on improving, and I want to record lots. The feedback I received tells me that people like my Australian accent. These are mostly Americans and Europeans listening, mind.

Digital recorders are a great tool for learning. The thing you learn best is not to be embarrassed at the sound of your own voice. Women, particularly in first world countries, are socialised to talk rather low.

Mrs. Meeler

I must admit that I will be embarassed to hear/record myself too. But the more we do it the easier it will be. Why do you think you talk so soft? Do you agree with Brownwyn that women are sometimes socialized (taught) to speak softer? If so, why do you think that is? Do you agree that women should talk soft or should they speak up? Will podcasting help with this?

Anne Davis

I love your suggestions for podcasting! Maybe I can come back soon and we will podcast again!

It is normal to feel nervous. The more you get to practice, the easier it will become.

If you could interview Mrs. Hooper, what would you like to ask her?

I enjoy reading your blog!

Mrs. Davis


If I interveiwed Mrs.Hooper I would ask her "What are your favorite hobbies?" and other things to help me know more about her.

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