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Bronwyn G

Hello Marisela! This part of the story is much better than the last one. I especially enjoyed the school being made out of gingerbread, and the matter of fact way you let us know it was all a dream. I also liked the way you described your clothes.

A different world ... we'll just see.

Mrs. Meeler

The details in the second part of your story were much more descriptive. Good job.

You have a lot of mistakes. Did you proofread your work?


Ididn't get to proof read because I was in a rush.

Bronwyn G

Don't forget to make time for proofreading. If not at the end of the lesson, then the next day while the story is always fresh in my mind. Proofreading always takes me a short time and is always worth it. I try to do my proofreading as I write or type the story. Sometimes it may need other eyes; make accomodations for it.

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