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Bronwyn G

Do work hard and pass. But did you ever think that there could be a good side to failing? It would make you a stronger person because you have had challenges in your life. You could help the people who have been in fifth grade for the first time because you know the material. And you might be a lot more mature before you go to middle school as well. You might not feel so embarrassed after a while. Failing at school is not so important as failing in life, and passes can come from the funniest things, which is what I have learnt in life. Who knows? One of your friends might fail badly, and you might have to console them.

Not that I'm suggesting that you fail for any of those reasons. I think you are a very bright girl, and listening is good. What about passing because you have mastered a body of knowledge, not because of your feelings? If your feelings are influenced, it could block you in later academic work, which I know you want to do.

My goal is to find something that I'm truly passionate about and work towards that. I'm sure my passion and my reason would create wonders in the world. Don't you think so for everybody, that they can do that?

Bronwyn G

In case I wasn't fully clear earlier, Marisela, I wanted to say, is that I hope most fervently you achieve your goal in passing. But I think also that we learn as much - and sometimes more! - from failing as we do from passing. What we learn from failing at anything is as important as passing. What we LEARN makes the difference in life and ourselves, and it doesn't particularly matter if we get recognised for it officially. We have to keep on learning, otherwise we die.

Bronwyn G

My resolution for 2006 is to keep on learning from life.


Hi marisela your blog was good.

Anne Davis

Hi Cameron,
I'm glad you thought Marisela's blog was good. Would you like to share one of your goals with us?
Mrs. Davis

Bronwyn G

Good luck, Cameron.

Do you know what material is likely to be covered in the test? How can you practice it at home and your friends?

I hope you get into third grade with your friends. If you can't right now, third grade will always be there. Or you can homeschool and get away from the idea of grades altogether.

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