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All I did was stay at my aunt's house and play with their dog,my cousins,and with their cats so it was pretty boring,I did have fun some of the time.

Mrs. Meeler

Although I didn't get to go to the beach, I had a good fall break as well. The highlight of my break was when we took my 1-year-old daughter to the Yellow River Game Ranch. Her favorite part was feeding the ducks!

What did you think about the dolphins? Were they big? Did you touch them? Were you scared of them?


Mrs Meeler

I thought the dolphins were beautiful.I didn't get to touch them but I was lucky I evengot to see them because everyone was crouding aroud were they were they were.No; I was not scared of them.I felt like jumping in the water and swiming with them like the people who were on water skies




It seems that you had a great fall break. On my fall break I got to go to Disney World with my parents, sister, aunt, and cousin. One our first day there we went to Epcot, which has a bunch of futuristic things and it also has places from around the world. The next day we just stayed around the hotel and then after dinner we went to this place called Disney Quest, which is like a giant arcade. Then the next day we went to MGM and we saw a lot of shows and I rode my very first roller coaster. Then the next day we went to the Magic Kingdom and we rode almost every ride there was. The next day was our last day so we just stalyed at the hotel we ate lunch and then left. On our way back we got caught in Tropical Storm Tammy and it was at night and my dad couldn't see anything so we had to pull over at the closest hotel and stay the night. Then the next day we left first thing in the morning.

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