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Mrs. Meeler

You and I have two things in common! We both love to read and to play sports! My favorite sports are softball and tennis. What is your favorite book?


Hi Marisela,

I love to read and imagine, too! What are your favorite things to imagine? I have two daughters who love to play soccer just as you and your family do. I enjoyed reading your blog!

Mrs. Davis


HEY, marisela im so glad that you got a weblog.Im going to have a wonderful year listening to your fantastic stories.Another good thing is that we get to be together.well, enjoy your weblog.


Hi its me adriana. I realy do not like reading.I only like playing soccer alitalbit.

Ms. Roper

Reading and playing sports are two of my favorite things to do too, Marisela! I know what you mean about being able to imagine that you are somewhere else when you are reading a story. That is exactly what good story should do - make you feel like you are there!
My favorite sport is golf, but I love to play many different sports.

Theresa M

Hi Marisela, my favorite sport is soccer too. I also like to read, but sometimes it makes my head hurt after a while. Well, I got to go. See you later, bye.


I also like playing soccer.It helps you get enough strength for your body.That's why I always remember to eat a healthy breakfast.So I can have enough energy for the day full of school work.



I realy don't have a favorite book. If I did have a favorite book I would say it is Judy Moody Is In a Mood Not a Good Mood a Bad Mood

Mrs. Hooper

Marisela, I love to read also. When I was a little girl, I decided I would read all the books in my school's library. I started with the books whose author's name started with an "A". Then I went to the "B" section. I'll have to admit that I never did get all those books read, but I really had a good time. My favorite place to read was in an apple tree in my backyard. I would climb the tree and sit on a very strong branch. No one could see me because of all the leaves. Unfortunately, I don't climb trees any more.However, I still love to read books of all kinds.


My name is Angel and you got an impressive blog. My favorite sport is soccer too.

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