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Bronwyn G

Not really.

There are still grammatical errors, which is a bit hypocritical in a post talking about proper grammar!

Mrs. Meeler


I agree that Jose Juan, and all the others for that matter, should do a better job of proofing their work for grammatical errors. I ask them all the time, "Why don't you proof your work?"

However, I must compliment Jose Juan on his efforts. Because he now goes to Program Challenge on Thursdays, he is not able to meet with our group. But instead of quitting his blog all together, he works on his post in his free time at school and does more for homework. He isn't in class with us as we peer edit and work for 2 hours on composing posts. So, I must compliment him on his effort and for continuing to blog.

Mrs. Meeler

Jose Juan:

I like the extra details you added to your post. Were you in a hurry to publish it? I think you should go in typepad and correct your grammatical errors. Remember to proof your work before posting.

And keep blogging!!!

Bronwyn G

Ms Meeler,

Thank you for reminding me of Jose-Juan's efforts.


Well done for continuing the blog for homework. I liked the extra details too.

Anne Davis

It sounds like you are very willing to go the extra mile in your work. That is commendable. I am not surprised though. I knew, from the first day I met you, that you try to do your best! You speak one language at school and another at home, right? We had talked about that one time and I hope you will find time to blog about what is easy and hard in that process. It will help us teachers and we would welcome any suggestions you have. How are you liking Program Challenge?

I believe your writing has come a long way since the beginning of the year. Keep on persevering! I am proud of you!
Mrs. Davis

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