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Bronwyn G

When I came to your blog, I wanted to read all about your visit to the Legisature to show them how wonderful elementary student blogging can be. That will be a good opportunity to keep your New Years' Resolutions.

You used 'my' twice in one sentence, and you spaced your commas. You really don't need to do this. When you talked about correct grammar the first time, the verb is "having" not "have", unless you are making a list. The 5 Ws and a H are a good resolution, and the reverse pyramid (a common journalistic strategy - bloggers make terrific journalists because they are always up on the news!)

My New Years' Resolution is to write more and to write better because I am a professional writer. I would especially like to enter more competitions and get into more journals, for my poetry.

I would also like to help more people and to travel more. Because helping people, I feel true to myself and I am a better citizen, which I know matters to JHH students much. I would like to travel more because I can stretch my horizons. I would also like to exercise more this New Year and keep healthy.

It would be good if you could pick unique topics. Some of the Brune students chose topics twice. I suspect it was group work. Now your own class is much smaller, so there's less of that happening. While it's interesting to see different bloggers' point of view, it can get very wearing on the reader. So do choose unique topics, and enhance them with details (the right detail can really attract the right audience).

Happy New Year, Jose-Juan.


My New year resolution is to do better in school.


Mine is to always be healthy.



Definitely nice and neat site you got there.


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