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Mrs. Meeler

I agree that writing has has a hard side. Using catchy titles, hooking introductions, and descriptive words can become tiring. However, the end result is worth the work! One of the hardest sides of blogging to me when I first started was allowing my writing to become public for the entire world. It was hard to get used to, but now I love it!


Hey Jose-Juan!
You hit the nail on the head! Weblogging is the art of expression and you are certainly doing a great job of expressing yourself. I think you are a good thinker. What would your number one choice be for a topic for blogging and why would you choose that topic. Keep up the good blogging!

Mrs. Davis

Ms. Susan

Great choice of a title. It grabbed me right away, making me want to read your post.


great story it was so deatailed!


Im glad you agree with me that students can express themself with blogs,A way that weblogs can be a good way to get the news around to students in a lower grades. Is pretending that a first grader would hear the news from an adult an that he didnt uderstand some things that the adult had said. But when the first grader goes to a weblog by a student in a grade that is a little higher the first grader may understand a little better since the other student uses so of the same words as the first grader.


I must say this is my first introduction to Web Logging and I can not say more than postive words. Expressions are most encouraged by everyone, but expressions by youngester are most sacred. You defeintly hit the spot with this post


Im alex, a blogger in New York.Thank you for reading my writing projects, it really amazed me.

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