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Bronwyn G

My favourite sport is Australian Rules Football, and Dylan DiPremedico does it. He is someone I know from St Josephs' Primary School. You kick the ball and mark it. I don't like changing teams whenever they lose. I barrack for the West Coast Eagles in Perth, which is on the other side of the country to where we live. And they are a good team - they came second in our Grand Final on the last week of September.

What a good idea for your cousin to barrack for America whenever the team is there. You are a very honourable guy, Jose.

Nancy McKeand

I like soccer a lot, myself. Are you going to be able to watch the World Cup matches this year?

Mrs. Meeler

My favorite sport to play is softball and tennis. My favorite sport to watch is college football. I am a big UGA fan! It makes me so mad when UGA fans start talking bad about the players and coaches when we lose. We call them "bandwagon" fans. Everyone should be a loyal fan like you who supports his/her team even when they lose.

I enjoyed reading your post. You are doing well, I could hear your voice as I read. Remember to use capital letters at the beginning of the sentence and use spell check as well.

Good job!

Mrs. Anthos

I also love soccer--i played soccer for about17 years, from the time i was 5 years old until i was 22. I had to stop playing b/c i hurt my knee--i have had 2 knee surgeries b/c of soccer-but i still miss playing. it's the BEST sport in the world! when i was a little girl, i wanted to be able to be on a women's soccer team for the Olympics--although that didn't happen, i remember when the women's team won the Olympic gold for the 1st time--that was awesome! I think it's great that you like soccer--how long have you played?


I also go for the soccer team chivas. And you are right sometimes chivas looses because they do not put Osvaldo as a goalie. My favorite sport is also soccer. Jose do you think that you will ever be in a soccer team. Oh and I really liked your post I really enjoyed reading it.


Mrs Anthos,

I have played soccer since I was four. I also have some pictures in Mexico. I am also sorry that you hurt your knee and couldn't keep playing soccer, but I rather have you as my art teacher because you have tought me many cool art things. If you had not hurt your knee what would you have done? Would you have still kept playing soccer or would you have quit and be an
art teacher.



I loved all the details in your post!

The sports I like the best are ice hockey and gymnastics. I like hockey because it they don't stand around a lot like in baseball and football.

I did gymnastics in high school and was on the gymanstics team for 2 years. I still like to watch it on tv, but watching the athletes on the balance beam always makes me nervous because I am afraid they will fall. They do amazing tricks on the beam. Did you know that it is only four inches wide and it is four feet off the ground?

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I also go for that soccer group chivas. And you're correct occasionally chivas looses simply because they don't place Osvaldo like a goalie. My preferred activity can also be soccer. Jose do you believe that you simply will at any time be inside a soccer group. Oh and I truly liked your publish I truly loved studying it.I also adore soccer--i played soccer for about17 many years, in the time i used to be five many years previous till i used to be 22. I needed to quit enjoying b/c i harm my knee--i have had two knee surgeries b/c of soccer-but i nonetheless skip enjoying. it is the very best activity within the globe! once i was just a little woman, i needed to have the ability to be on the women's soccer group for that Olympics--although that did not occur, i keep in mind once the women's group won the Olympic gold for that 1st time--that was amazing! I believe it is fantastic that you simply like soccer--how lengthy have you ever played?

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