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Mrs. Strang

Hi Jose!
I'm very impressed with your writing. I didn't realize you are so nervous. You certainly don't act it. Just take a few deep breaths and always be prepared, and you will feel less nervous. I hope to read more of your writing! See you in class.

Mrs. strang


Hi Jose,
I think you have come up with a perfect name for your blog. Naming blogs are the hardest part for me. I want them to mean something and I can tell all of you have put a lot of thought in the names.

I think that your being nervous will pass as you write more. I have also found that people reading the blogs are very nice and want to help so look at it as getting a helping hand from many others. It is special.

Do you like helping others? Share one of those times. I bet people would like hearing about that.

Mrs. Davis

Bronwyn G

Write every day, or whenever you can.

Think of all the great friends you could make and the people who could help you.

Tell me more about the magic you like to try at home, Jose.

Mrs. Meeler

Jose -

I was very nervous when I started my first blog too. It is scary when you know people from all over the world can read what you write. But the more I blog, the easier it gets for me. Now, I hardly ever get nervous.

I agree with Mrs. Davis that you will find all of your commenters to be real friendly. They will make you a better writer. So there is nothing to be worried about. Just relax and be yourself as you write.

In your post, you said you like magic. I like magic too, but I'm not really good at any magic tricks. What are some of your favorite magic tricks? Who is your favorite magician?

Ms Sanchez

Oh joe you know that I know that you are to cool to be nervous

Nancy McKeand

Hi, Jose! I remember being nervous when I started my blog. The only way to get over it, I think, is to keep writing and see that people are interested in reading what you have to say.

I hope you will keep blogging for a long time.


Hi Jose,

Remember I told you how nervous I was when I was trying to write my first blog post? It took me several days to write it, but once I did it felt great! Now it is much easier to write. I really like being able to read the comments and respond to them. I think you will find that it is just like talking to someone and it will get easier and easier every time you post. You can do it!


Mrs. Strang,

Thank you for the advice. I will try to take deep breaths when I am nervous.


Mrs. Meeler,

My favorit magic trick is making things disapear. My favorit magichin is David ginn.

Bronwyn G

Could you tell about David Ginn a bit more? What tricks does he do that you really like?

Deep breaths are good, and so are stress balls!



Don't forget that you can buy some magic tricks at the Dollar Tree...........

I didn't get to see David Ginn when he came this year. What was the best part of his new show?

Ms. Shaw


I go for the Chivas to. I loved your post.

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