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Bronwyn G

She was a principal with principles, wasn't she? I had a few like that when I was in primary and secondary school. My principal when I was your age was a man named Mr Webster, and he retired at the end of my grade 5 year. We gave him a present out of our money. Then we had a new principal, and he retired six years later. Now the current principal of my primary school is retiring after five years.

In secondary college I have had three principals. The one I liked best was the first one. I have written to the second one by e-mail. I will let you know when he answers me if he does. Our third principal may or may not be retiring. Watch this space.

Principals work hard to make the school good for teachers and students, don't they?

What qualities do you think are important in a principal as opposed to an ordinary teacher or a specialist one? Apart from your principal being your PAL till the end.

Mrs Hooper was a great blogger and she was always very encouraging to the students.

When you go to middle school, will you pop in and see the new one? How do principals get chosen in Georgia?

Bronwyn G

Jason, I told you about my education before this, I believe. I told you that I am studying Professional Writing and Editing at Box Hill Institute.


I truly don't know.

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