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Mrs. Meeler

You remind me of Dr. Suess with your catchy rhymes!

Bronwyn G

Nothing rhymes with orange, so I have learnt.


Tis true, tis true I have the rhyming flu. I can't stop rhyming,hoo hoo hoo!

Bronwyn G

The 'rhyming flu' certainly seems to have infected your latest blog compared to your first post. Why did you block comments - or doesn't the comment part work for this blog?

Anne Davis

Hi Jason,
You are the rhyming man! I enjoy reading your rhymes. I have always enjoyed rhyming, too. There are some fun rhyme riddles at 'Giggle Poetry' at http://www.gigglepoetry.com/poetryfun/riddlerhymes.html

Ask Mrs. Meeler if you can check them out. If you do, which one was your favorite? Maybe you could create some of your own. I do love rhyming but I love having fun with 'idioms' the most so I am tickled pink that you get a kick out of rhyming!

Mrs. Davis


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