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Bronwyn G

Yes. I live in Australia, and I have heard of these frogs. I even read a fanfiction story of Harry Potter recently where they were a big joke. But cane toads are not a joke. They are monstrous creatures. I fear them worse than I fear spiders, if you have read Zachary's blog.

I'm interested to know that their legs are growing longer and longer. What mutancy is allowing this to happen, I wonder?

Mrs. Meeler

I have heard of them too, but would like to read more about them. Remember to add the link to the article so your readers can read more about the subject. You did a great job summarizing the article and the picture is great.

Bronwyn G

Here's a great link to read lots more about our friend the cane toad:


Yes, Jason, you did do a great job summarising the article.


I've always wanted to go to Australia, What's it like there?

Bronwyn G

Australia is a very nice country. It has wide open space and is very well developed in terms of modern conveniences. It is a paradise for children though probably not so much for teenagers.

This is my short version of Australia. I am sure you will like the animals and science here.

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