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Mrs. Meeler

Well - I've only fainted two times in my life. It happened when I was very sick and weak. Once I got some fluids I was fine. I remember feeling dizzy and then I heard a ringing noise. It is definately a scary feeling, and I hope you get better real soon.

Although we love having you back with us blogging, I know you miss going to Challenge too.

Remember when you are making your posts that you should always have a beginning, middle, and end. One thing I noticed in your post is that is all one paragraph. Don't you think you should have made the section on Challenge a separate paragraph?

Always remember to proofread your post as well!


wow I have never fainted but it does sound very scary so i hope you get better.


i have never fainted or had a blackout. I think it would be scary because you won't know when it will happen. Also it might hurt when you wake up.


No Jason, I haven't blacked out. But my mom has before! I remember when you fainted, I was standing right there. Well I'm sorry that happened pal.
Your Friend


I thimk it feels like you are working or doing something, and all of a sudden, everything goes black. Then, when I would wake up, I would have a headache. Am I close Jason?


I hope you are feeling much better, Jason. It is very scary to black out. I was an adult when it happened and it was very frightening. Are you still fainting or has it gotten better since you've been to the doctor? I know that was a really scary thing for your parents to have to go through, too. Zachary was really worried the day you fainted. He came home and told me about it. Stay in touch with him over the summer and let us know how you are doing. I'm so sorry you had to give up challenge but I completely understand your mom's concerns. Maybe you can go back in sixth grade. Take care.

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