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Mrs. Meeler

Jason - you have used your weblog to express yourself so well! One of the things I like most about reading your posts is that I can hear your voice! You have a unique way of "telling the story" that always makes it interesting. We will miss you tremendously as you head off to Challenge next week, but we look forward to reading your blogs. Maybe you can post about what you are doing in Challenge?

Anne Davis

What a creative title! I really like it. I have seen improvement in your writing over the year. In what ways do you feel blogging has helped your writing?

Mrs. Davis


Yes M'am, I do think Weblogs have helped my writeing.


I really liked this weblog. I can actually feel what a nice young man you are by reading your blog. Were you excited when you found out you were one of the children chosen to participate? I liked the nice complement you gave to Mrs. Meeler. She is such a pleasant person and she really loves working with you guys and girls. You can really tell that by speaking to her and reading her blogs I still remember with fondness the teachers that really cared and made an impact on me when I was in school. What has been your favorite experience in weblogs so far? Is there a particular blog you are most proud of?


Hey Jason! I liked your post! Let me tell you what I like to do. I like weblogging I like spending time with my friends and I LOVE eating. Well, see ya pal!

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