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Mrs. Meeler

I don't think I have ever seen a black or white squirrel. I can tell you are really interested in animal science from your recent posts. What else interests you?

Keep up the good writing. I know it is a lot of hard work, but your writing has improved so much!


Hey hi! Haha, I like your title. When I was living in America, I think I saw a black squirrel ONCE. Or maybe that was just the shadows? -_-... Well anyway, white squirrels are probably even rarer than black squirrels because 1) Gray is the dominant gene here 2) A white squirrel would probably be hawk meat within a few months. It's like a white dot in the midst of browns, blacks, greens, and grays! Not very hard to spot if you ask me.
I love animal science too! Keep on writing! (maybe next time about whales...oh whatever.^^)

Kelly Hutcherson

I have never seen a black squirrel, but I did have a pet squirrel named Gus when I was about your age!!

Molly Zupancich

Hi! I just came across this site from a hotmail link. I noticed your message about black squirrels. I am from Minnesota and I have never seen a black squirrel before. But right now I am in Indiana touring childrens theatre and on friday I saw 3 black squirrels. The looked like Kitties! :) Just wanted to share!
keep up the good work!


Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog and read your post about black squirrels. I've never seen a black one, but I have TWO albino squirrels that hang around my place here in Columbus, Ohio. I took some pictures of them...I'll see if I can find them, and if I do I'll post the photos on my site so you can see them!

Steve S

Black squirrels aren't exactly common in northern Wisconsin, but they aren't exactly uncommon either - one seems them around every once-in-a-while.



Hi Jason
I think getting to blog for school is pretty cool. I kind of wish we had done more things like that when I was your age!
I wanted to tell you that I went to college in Wooster, OH, and the majority of squirrels on the campus were black! People used to say that they were a science professor’s experiment that escaped, but I don't know if that is true. The weird part about it is that the black squirrels were only on the campus, not in the town!!
Keep up the good work; I have enjoyed reading your posts.


Hey Jason!
I went to school at OSU in Columbus, OH. There was an albino squirrel running around campus, maybe one of the same ones Beth has seen. I now live in Colorado and have recently seen a black squirrel. Guess I'm luckly to have seen both an albino and a black squirrel.


Hey Jason~
I'm a student at a boarding school in Andover, MA, and I have a black squirrel living in the tree outside my room! I have to say, it is one of the most frightning animals I've ever met. This morning it almost bit one of my friends. Of course, it's not just the black squirrel that's unusualy violent. Every one on campus, black, grey, or brown, basicaly sares me silly!
Great writing


Thanks for all the comments! Personely I have never seen a white or black squirrel. I saw a reddish-grey squirrel.It ran up a tree and I noticed somthing on the tree it ran up, it was red like the squirrel. I touched it to see what it was, and it was paint! I guess somebody had tried to paint it but it got a way. See you later.


Hi, I live in the Adirondack Mountains of New York and we have black squirrels. I have one in my yard and he is very greedy.


Jason, I was riding with my family through Ballardvale today, and right before the white firehouse there are two white sqirrels with red eyes. Kevin

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