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Hillary Meeler

I really think we need to work to protect endangered species such as rhinos. I wonder, however, why the poachers killed them? Was it for food, their skin, for money? Hmmm, is hunting game animals a way of survival for some people? How do you feel about hunting? Do you think it is okay to hunt and kill innocent animals?


Hey Jason,
My name is Caitlin and i am a junior in highschool and i just wanted to say that i found your article very interesting. Why did you decide to write on that subject? Was it an assignment that your teacher gave you, or was it just an assignment that you decided to do??
Well I hope to hear back from you!
Keep up the great writing


I did'nt know that.Were did yu find that out?.Did you like lerning about it?.write back.

Mr. Brune

Well, I agree that we should do everything we can to save the black rhinos. But I think it's interesting how easy it is for us to tell others to save their animals but then back home sometimes we don't think of that. For instance, in the town where I live some people are concerned about frogs that live in a pond that is near a proposed development. Not a lot of people are talking about it, though!
I enjoyed reading your writing. I will definitly return this year!
Mr. Brune


I think it is wrong because animals should be free because they will die if they live in a little space.
Some of the poachers capture animals and sell them to people to keep on private zoos.And at times scientists use animals to study for research. I think animals should be free in there envirnoment.


yo,I think you wrote a great story. I also think it's bad that poachers hunt rhinos. I think Poachers use rhinos to sell, carry people, carry food or kill them.


Hi Jason,
I learned a lot from your writing. It was very interesting. I did not know much about black rhinos. I am curious as to where you found the information. Maybe next time you could provide a link to the original article.

I was sharing with one of your classmates what different groups of animals were called like an army of frogs. Did you know that a group of rhinoceroses are called a crash of rhinoceroses? I had to look that up. Do you know any other group names for animals?

Keep up the good writing!
Mrs. Davis


No I don't think it's okay to kill innocent animals!

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