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Mrs. Meeler

I am so inspired by your brother giving his whole allowance he has been saving to help the hurricane survivors. He is very generous and compassionate. I too plan to donate some items and money to the victims.


Yes, I want to help. I will continue to help. I think the people in Katrina's path are going to need help for quite a while. I am impressed with how much your brother gave. Helping others is a good trait! Collecting teddy bears will be appreciated by the children. Do you have any personal collections? Keep up your good work!
Mrs. Davis


Hi, Jason

Congratulations to your brother. It is not easy to open hand of our belongs, to help other people. Do you know what called my attention in your post? The fact that you, and other students, are collecting teddybears for the homeless. For us, in Brazil, this sounds a little "out of context". For the majority of our children teddybears would not be a significant gift. As we can conclude, symbols are not universal.
Cheers, Iris


Thanks for all the comments. And yes I collect stuffed animals.(I don't know why.)Thanks again.


What's up!

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