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Brandi Wells

I think that so many disasters have happened recently that we really need to remember what is important. I can understand that people don't want to leave things that they have worked hard and saved for; but life is worth far more than any possession. I agree that we need to find a way to give all that we can in the way of money, necessary items, time, and love for all the people who have lost so much. Your message hits home with many folks and we look to you to find a way for your generation to pitch in...let me know what is on your mind!!

Anne Davis

Hi Jason,
I like the name Willy Wipper. It is unique. I think the government really needs to spend more time thinking about procedures for cities in the event of disasters like this. Just like schools have fire drills, maybe we should think about plans and drills for certain events. If there are too many people to carry out a drill, they could show a pretend drill with fewer people on TV. Do you have any other ideas?

You are picking good topics!

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Meeler

I loved the title of your post. I had to read it just to see what you meant by Willy Wipper!

I agree with Mrs. Davis in that the evacuation plans must be planned out more effectively. In times of crisis, chaos will occur. However, the more prepared we are the smoother everything will run. I think it is very important for people to remain calm and patient in times such as these in order to deter further confusion and madness.

Keep up the good work. Your writing is very interesting. You have a unique way of telling the story!


Hay Jason that is a pretty wierd name for a hurricane.Where did you find that information?and yes I hav heard of hurricane ritta.

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