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Anne Davis

Hi Jason,
I don't like using tests as the one and only way to measure how well a student is doing. I think we should measure student learning in many ways. I can tell you are smart. What do you think would be the best way to judge if students are learning?

I enjoy reading your weblog! Keep up the good writing!
Mrs. Davis


I think that the teachers should just ask qustion about what's on the test. Thank you for your comment Mrs.Davis.



What is it about standarized tests that you don't like?

I can relate to this because I had to take the ITBS when I was your age. I hated to take that test. But guess what, they just keep coming. It doesn't matter how old you get or what grade your in you will always have to take standardized tests. Even though I didn't like to take the test, and I still don't, they are important. When you are in high school there is a test called the SAT that you will have to take that will determine what college you get into. Even though standardized tests aren't fun you might as well get used to them because they will always be there. I loved reading your post and I hope that you continue to write and enjoy school!!!!


Whaz up? Thanks for all the cmments. And yes Alex, the sky is up. Duh!Have to run SEE YA!

Mrs. Hooper

Hi Jason, I love your blogs. I can tell that you put a lot of thought into what you are writing. Keep up the good work!
I can't say that I really "like" tests. I guess it is a little bit like going to the doctor. I don't really like to go but I need to go sometimes just to find out how I'm doing physically. That way I can fix whatever is wrong. Tests are like that in that teachers can use the information they get from student tests to help them plan the strategies they need to use in teaching. Students learn in different ways and have different strengths and weaknesses. It just helps when a teachers knows that kind of thing. Tests aren't going away anytime soon, but I know that you will do well even though you don't enjoy taking them.

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